Chess Result BD

Chess is one of the most favorite and popular games not in the world but also in Bangladesh. Many people in Bangladesh love to play and watch chess. That is why a large number of people who are curious about chess want to know about chess result bd. It is a natural behavior of every human being that if anyone likes to play or enjoy a specific game, he or she would like to know about the details and all the updates of the game regularly. This time, we have come up with the article on chess result bd for all of you.

History of Chess Game

Chess is generally a two-player game played on a square board. This game was probably first invented in India. From there, playing the game spreads to Persia and was later carried in Europe by the Muslims. In the thirteenth century, the game spread throughout Western Europe. This game has many similarities to the Indian dice game. The game was played in different parts of India in different rules.

But in the last one hundred years in Europe, the game was made more popular and acceptable by changing some of the rules and systems. Through this evolutionary process, chess became an internationally popular game and then International Chess Association was formed with its headquarters in Switzerland. Most countries around the world are members of the International Chess Association and they adhere to international rules of the game.

Chess Game in Bangladesh

Dr. Kazi Motahar Hossain is the pioneer of the chess game in the history of chess in Bangladesh who has become remarkable countrywide. National Professor Kazi Motahar Hossain had a reputation as a sportsman throughout Bangladesh beyond his vast knowledge in a different sector. In the All India Chess Brilliancy Competition organized by The Statesman magazine in 1925, he secured first place with 101 points out of 103 points.

He dominated the world of chess from 1929 to 1969. He was the founding president of the All Pakistan National Chess Federation established in 1969. After independence, he was the founding president of Bangladesh Chess Association, which was later known as Bangladesh Chess Federation. In honor of his memory, Bangladesh Chess Federation has been hosting Dr. Kazi Motahar Hossain International Masters Chess Tournament from 1985.

Chess Rating List

Based on the chess rating system, the global “Chess rating list” is prepared. This is such a system that is used in the chess game to calculate the player’s strength estimation based on that player’s own performance compared to other opponent players. Chess rating list is prepared by some organizations such as FIDE, the US Chess Federation (USCF or US Chess), International Correspondence Chess Federation, and the English Chess Federation. These organizations make the chess rating list for all chess players worldwide.

Bangladesh Chess Federation

Bangladesh Chess Federation was formed in 1974. It later became a member of the International Chess Federation in 1979. Dr. Kazi Motahar Hossain was the founder president of the Bangladesh Chess Federation. It conducts 15-20 tournaments every year at the national and international levels. These tournaments include National, Women’s Junior, Sub Junior, 2nd Division, International Masters and Grand Masters Chess Tournament.

No. Tournament Last update
1 Shaheed Mufti Kased Memorial Fide Rapid Rating Chess Tournament-2022-BUET 4 Minutes
2 1st Mondal Sporting Club Rapid Rating Chess Tournament, Below-2000 1 Hours 4 Min.
3 Neamul Chess Academy Barishal 1st FIDE Rapid Rating Chess Tournament 2024 11 Hours 36 Min.
4 Bangahbandhu 47th National Chess Championship 2024 15 Hours 49 Min.
5 Rangpur 2nd Standard Rating Chess tournament, Below-2000 17 Hours 30 Min.
6 Rajnagar International Open Rapid Rating Chess Tournament 2024 18 Hours 48 Min.
7 Bangabandhu Premier Division Chess League 2024 3 Days 17 Hours
8 CCL Annual Chess Tournament – 2024 5 Days 12 Hours
9 Sheikh Kamal 1st Division Chess League 2024 7 Days 16 Hours

All the Updates of Chess Result BD

In Bangladesh, the National Chess Competition is being organized every year since 1974. Niaz Morshed became the defending champion for four consecutive years from 1979- 1982. Rani Hamid, the first international female master of Bangladesh, was 12 times champion in the national women’s chess competition organized from the year 1979. Professor Abdur Razzak, Akmal Hossain, Mian Abdus Salek are some of the popular names in the initial time of chess in bd.

Niaz Morshed became the only Grand Master of Bangladesh in the Grand Masters Championship held in seventeen countries in Asia Zone 3.1 in 1986. Ziaur Rahman, Rifat-bin Sattar, Abdullah Al-Rafi, Zillur Rahman and Shamima Akhter Liza are among the international masters among the other chess competitors in the country. Below are all the updates of the Chess Result BD so that you can get an idea of the current situation of chess in our country.

Year Open Championship Women’s Championship
2005 Ziaur Rahman Shamima Akter Liza
2006 Enamul Hossain Rani Hamid
2007 Abdullah Al Rakib Rani Hamid
2008 Ziaur Rahman Rani Hamid
2009 Ziaur Rahman Sharmin Shirin Sultana
2010 Minhaz Uddin Ahmed Shamima Akter Liza
2011 Ziaur Rahman Rani Hamid
2012 Niaz Murshed Sharmin Shirin Sultana
2013 Abdullah Al Rakib Not held
2014 Ziaur Rahman Shamima Akter Liza
2022 Minhaz Uddin Ahmed Shamima Akter Liza
2022 Enamul Hossain Nazrana Khan Eva
2022               –             –
2022 Ziaur Rahman

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you all got the gist of the chess result bd from this writing. The good thing is that Bangladesh has produced many high-class chess players. We hope you would keep continue playing chess and enjoy it the most.

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