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To celebrate the glorious month of victory, Bkash has organized a quiz this December, called the Month of Victory BKash Quiz Contest. Participate in the contest and respond within a certain time to 3 simple questions. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will have to make a transaction to be eligible to win a 200 Taka bonus within a certain time.

Each day when they answer the questions in the shortest time, 1971 specific individuals will win 200 Taka bonuses each. The Bkash Quiz Result will be published on our website after the quiz is concluded.

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Deadlines for Bkash Quiz Result

The Month of Victory BKash Quiz Contest will last the entire month of December. It has started on December 1st, 2024, and will end on December 31st, 2024. The Bkash Quiz Result will be published after that. So, hurry up and participate in the quiz before the time runs out!

The Bkash Quiz Result for the winners of each specific day of the campaign will be revealed on the next day on the winner list section of the quiz website and the list will be available from 02:00 pm. Participants, who are bKash Customers,  hereby grant bKash permission to publish their names, if selected as winners, in the winner list.

 Where to participate in Bkash Quiz Result?

Until you have one-time price money, you can participate in the quiz as much as you want. If you are willing to participate, all you need to do then is go to the public website http:/bkash.com/quiz/public/.  And you can also visit the official Facebook page for Bkash.

On their website and official Facebook page, Bkash Authority provided the quiz contest link. And you can click on the link that we have already mentioned in our post. You need to enter the customer development account number to open the Quiz contest.

How to Participate in Bkash Quiz Result?

All the details and rules of the quiz can be found on the official bkash website. Here is the link if you wish to visit it: https://www.bkash.com/bijoy-quiz. We will explain the rules of the contest in brief here for you.

You need to give your active bKash account number to take part in the quiz competition. BKash subscribers will get the chance to win Tk.500 during the campaign.

Based on the quickest correct responses to a few questions, the campaign will determine 500 winners per day. The person who can correctly answer all the questions in the shortest time has a better chance of winning.

A bKash client must make one of the following transactions from his bKash account on the day of his contest or any day prior to December 31st, 2024 in order to be selected as a winner:

  • Recharging the mobile from the bKash app
  • bKash app cash-out
  • bkash app cash-in
  • Payment via the bKash app
  • Pay the bill via the bKash app
  • Card to bKash with the bKash app
  • Via the bKash app, send money

bKash Quiz Winner List

The Bkash Quiz is a great way to celebrate the month of victory. Why wait any longer? Participate now and you might just see your name in the Bkash Quiz Result tomorrow and become one of the lucky winners!

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.