Ami Probashi App

Ami Probashi App is a newly launched app for migrant workers or expatriate Bangladeshis. This app is now the talk of the town. It is launched by the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) for the easy vaccination process for the expatriates. After completing Ami Probashi app download, all the expatriates of Bangladesh can easily register for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since the COVID epidemic, many expatriates are waiting for getting back to their workplaces. But without being vaccinated, they are not allowed to go back to their country. Here we will discuss the full process of the Ami Probashi App download for both PC and iPhone.

Ami Probashi App Registration

You can register the Ami Probashi app for free and install it on your device by visiting the Google Play Store. Google Play recommends that you should not download Android apps directly from third-party sources, as these can damage your phone. You can register Ami Prabasi Official App by clicking on the link below from Google Play Store. You can easily register as all the methods in the app are given in Bengali.

Ami Probashi

  • Click on the Registration option.
  • Select country name. You can select three countries.
  • Give your name and passport information along with all passport information.
  • After giving foreign language skills. They will show your BMET card.
  • You will get information about your recruiting agency name and location.
  • After solution the security key you can complete the registration process.

Ami Probashi App Registration

Ami Probashi App for PC

Here is the full process of the Ami Probashi App download on your computer or on your PC. The registration process is also provided here. The first thing is you need to open your computer and browse through your search engine. Type there,, where you can see the details about this app. Here is the step-by-step procedure of the Ami Probashi app download:

  1. To download this app your can visit Google Play Store and download the app on your android phone or PC.
  2. After downloading the app open it by clicking on the app. You can select the language option Bangla and English both of your choice.
  3. Now click on the green-colored button signs “next”. You will get to the page where the registration procedure has begun.
  4. Now register on the app by giving your mobile number or e-mail address. After giving the mobile no/email address, click on the button “Continue”.
  5. You will see a page that asks for a pin verification number. If you are doing your registration through your computer then you need to log into your email address to get the verification pin code. If you gave your mobile number for the registration then an SMS will appear on your phone with the verification pin code. Type the code in the respective place and click the confirm button.
  6. Now select your respective country name and skill according to your job.
  7. There will appear a page with the necessary information about you. Like your gender, age, educational qualification, current working status, and smart card. Fill in all the information accurately.
  8. Finally, you will see the welcome message if you have done all the steps accurately. Now your registration for the app is complete. You need to wait for the BMET passport verification process which can take up to 72 hours.

Ami Probashi App for iPhone

If you are using the iPhone, you need to visit the Apple Store for the Ami Probashi app download. It is also free to download. After download, the process for the registration is the same as above.

One thing you should keep in mind that downloading this Ami Probashi app or completing the registration process is not the final step to get the COVID vaccine. Once you have done the registration with this app, you need to get the registration for Surokkha app. By getting the BMET number, you will be able to register for the vaccine at the Surokkha app easily. Migrant workers are the main source of foreign currency of our country; they work hard for our country. So it’s very important to get vaccinated.

Ami Probashi App Download for Android

Here we will explain details information How Install Ami Probashi Apk Download on your Android Device or Mobile phone.

  1.  First, go to or the Play Store from your own mobile.
  2.  Search Ami Probashi Apk in the box.
  3.  A page similar to the image above will be displayed.
  4.  Click the install button and install the Ami Probashi app on your device.
  5.   It will be installed in a short time.
  6.  Finally, open the Ami Probashi application. 
  7.  At last, congratulations on successfully downloading the Ami Probashi app.

This app will pave the way for priority registration of the COVID vaccine for all the expatriates of Bangladesh. For the welfare of expatriates of Bangladesh, BMET has launched this app. Not only the COVID vaccine, but expatriates can also get various facilities after completing Ami Probashi app download.

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