Aman Cotton Fibrous Ltd IPO Result

Aman Cotton Fibers IPO Lottery started on Wednesday at 10:30 am at the Engineering Institute auditorium. In the lottery program lottery started in the presence of a large number of investors, company authorities, stock exchanges, regulatory bodies and CDBL authorities.

As per the bidding of EIIs, the cut-off price of the company’s shares stands at Tk 40 which will be allotted to general investors along with NRB investors at Tk 36 each. Under the amended public issue rules, of the 2.08 crore IPO shares of ACFL, 1.25 crore will be allocated to EIIs, 0.83 crore shares will be offered to the General and NRB investors.

Aman Cotton Fibrous Ltd IPO Result

Aman Cotton Fibrous is set to begin public subscription on June 03 for raising Tk 800 million from the capital market under the book-building method. The public subscription continued till June 10.

Total subscription received from Resident Bangladeshi (RB) =Tk 2,923,189,200.00, Affected Small Investors (ASI) = Tk 294,004,800.00 and NRB= Tk 275,284,800.00.

Total subscription received from General Investors (RB, ASI, NRB) = Tk 3,492,478,800.00 against Public Issue of IPO for general Investors (RB, ASI, NRB) of Tk 300,000,000.00 which is oversubscribed by 11.64 times.

Aman Cotton, which already received Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission’s approval, will float 20.83 million ordinary shares to raise the amount.

Aman Cotton Fibrous Ltd IPO Result will be held on 04 July 2024. Download Aman Cotton Fibrous Limited IPO Lottery Result that will be published & found here. IPO or an Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the first sale of a stock by a private company to the public company. In this way, a company can increase money by issuing either debt or equity.

Of the total 20.83 million shares, 12.50 million will be issued to eligible investors at the cut-off price of Tk 40 each which was set by the eligible investors through the electronic bidding in November last year.

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Aman Cotton will use the IPO (initial public offering) fund as part of its efforts to buy machinery, repay bank loans and meet the IPO expenses. The net asset value of the company was Tk 35.63 as of June 2024 and weighted average earnings per share (EPS) was Tk 3.49, according to the IPO prospectus. Check all IPO Result 2024 from our website.

ISSUE MANAGER: ICB Capital Management is the issue manager of the IPO.

The commission, under new public issue rules, decided to offer ACFL’s IPO shares to general and non-resident Bangladeshi investors at 10 percent discount of cut-off price which was set by the bidding of the institutional investors.

About Aman Cotton Fibrous Limited:

Aman Cotton Fibrous Limited (ACFL) is a concern of Aman Group. It is primarily engaged in manufacturing of high-quality cotton yarn in Bangladesh and marketing and selling of a product in the domestic market as deemed export. The installation of a high capacity air conditioning and filtration plant has enabled the mill to meet the international standards. The Company manufactures 100% cotton Carded, Combed & Semi-combed ring spun grey yarn for knitting as well as weaving. From the beginning of operation of ACFL, it has managed to comply with the international standards of management, which was reflected to attain of ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.

Aman Cotton Fibrous Limited Address:

Registered Office: Aman Cotton Fibrous Limited, Boiragirchala, Sreepur, Gazipur

Corporate Head Office: Aman Cotton Fibrous Limited, 2 Ishakha Avenue, Sector: 6, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

Tel: +88 02 7911691-3 , Fax: +88 02 58950510 , Email:

Factory Office: Gargaria Masterbari, Boiragirchala, Shreepur, Gazipur.

Tel. 880 62552740, Fax: 880 62552742. Web Address:

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