Alim Physics 1st Paper Assignment

Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board has given 1st week assignment for the 2024 session of Alim candidates. There are seven assignments in the first week, Madrasah students have to submit four assignments. Among these, Physics is one. Physics Assignment is quite a tough one for students. Here we will provide you with the details of Alim physics 1st paper assignment. Here on our website, you will also get the PDF file of your Physics assignment.

Alim Physics 1st Paper Assignment

Due to the COVID pandemic, teachers will evaluate the results of every student by this assignment. Physics book is common for all the HSC/Alim students. They study the same Physics board book approved by NCTB. The assignment is based on chapter 4 of the Physics book. Here in this chapter, Newtonian Mechanism and force are discussed thoroughly. This assignment is based on

  • Acceleration
  • Force and
  • Speed

You need to have a clear concept about these topics to finish your assignment properly. These are the basic Physics knowledge students have to acquire during this course.

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Alim Physics 1st Paper Assignment Answer 1st Week

If you go through this brief discussion about Alim Physics 1st Paper Assignment, you will see that the assignment is about Newtonian Mechanism and Force. The assignment is on a math problem, where a diagram is shown with some problems. You have to solve the problems individually.

তুমি 20 ms-1 বেগে একদম খাড়াভাবে একটি 400 gm ভরের ক্রিকেট বল উপরের দিকে ছুড়ে মারলে

(ক) বলটির বেগ নাম সময়ের গ্রাফ আঁকো।

(খ) গতিপথে সর্বোচ্চ বিন্দুতে বলটির বেগ কত।

(গ) ঐ বিন্দুতে ত্বরণ কত?

(ঘ) ঐখানে ক্রিকেট বলটির উপর ক্রিয়ারত মােট বল কত?

(ঙ) Fig-1 এ 1.5 kg ভরটি একটি টেবিলের উপর স্থির অবস্থানে আছে। 2 kg ভরের আরেকটি ভর একটি অসম্প্রসারণশীল সূতা দিয়ে ঝােলানাে হলাে। টেবিল ও 1.5 kg ভরের মাঝে ঘর্ষণ গুণাঙ্ক 0.2

(১) ভরদ্বয়ের ত্বরণ কত? সুতাটি অসম্প্রসারণশীল না হলে তােমার উত্তরের কী পরিবর্তন হতাে? (২) সূতার টান কত? (৩) 2 kg ভরের সরণ বনাম সময় গ্রাফ আঁকো?

Physics 1st Paper Assignment Answer (1st Week)

The problem is: Suppose you throw a cricket ball, which is 400 gm at the speed of twenty-meter per second. Now

  • In the first problem you have to draw a graph between the time and force of the cricket ball.
  • The Second problem, you need to find out the ball’s force at the highest point.
  • In the third problem, you have to find out the accelerations on that point.
  • You need to find out the total force of the ball.

Here is the assignment question for your convenience. Try to read it carefully to solve it in the correct order. The good thing is that we also help you by providing the answers to your assignment topics. So keep your eyes on our website regularly if you want to get the answer copy.

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In this current pandemic condition, students must concentrate on their education. Submit your Alim physics 1st paper assignment accurately. You will be evaluated according to your assignment answer. This assignment will be the substitution for the exam. Try your best to solve all the Physics questions.

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