Payesh Dessert Recipe

Class: Eight , Assignment Serial : Assignment-2 , Unit and Unit Tittle : Unit-2: Food and nutrition

Lesson no and Title :
Lesson-1: Good Food
Lesson-2: Kind od food
Lesson-3: Our daily diet
Lesson-4: A delicious dish
Lesson-5: A little Plant

Assignment : Lesson-4: A delicious dish Think about one of your favorite dishes.Talk to one of your family members who knows cooking and note it down. Then prepare the dish . Now narrate the steps how you have prepared the dish.

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Instruction: Students are asked to observe all the steps carefully and narrate accordingly.

8th Week Class 8 English Assignment Answer

One of my favorite dishes and its preparing methods.

My favorite dish is payesh. Payesh is one of the most loved dessert recipes in Bengal. It is a Bengali quintessential Bengali delicacy. It is impossible to imagine any occasion or festival without this sweet dessert item. All you need is rice, milk, cardamom, jaggery, and your favorite dry fruits for garnishing.

Payesh Dessert Recipe

To prepare payesh, the ingredients are here:

1 cup rice
3 tablespoon ghee
2/3 cup sugar
4 grams Spice cardamom
some chopped cashews
Sliced pistachios
Some sliced Almonds.

Now we’re going to prepare the payesh and the steps are given below:

To prepare the yummy dessert recipe, firstly we have to rinse rice and soak it in 1/2 cup of water for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, drain the water, add ghee to the rice and keep it aside.

Now we have to take a pan. Pour the milk into it and keep stirring. Turn on the stove and keep the gas flame medium-high. When the milk starts reduced, turn the flame low and pour the ghee-mixed rice into it. Now keep stirring until it reduced to almost half.

When it is almost half, add sugar and cook for another 2 minutes. Then add cardamom powder and stir well. After sometimes turn off the gas flame and garnish the sweet delicious recipe with cashew nuts, pistachios, and almonds. Finally, the payesh is ready to serve.

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