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41 Private Universities Fail to Move Own Campuses. There are 41 private universities fail to relocate within time. About 41 Private universities fail to shift their own campus. Those universities are doubtful to move within next September.

Private universities are not transferring to fear a drop in student admission if they move to own campuses outside Dhaka. The private university law stipulates that university must have to establish on at least one acre land in Dhaka and Chittagong metropolitan areas and two acres in others areas.

Private University Act 2010 instructs that every private university would transfer to own campus within seven years of founding. There are 11 universities are operating on own campuses Out of 83 private universities in the country. But 41 universities will not be able to move within September as their commitment to the government though deadline being extended three times.

Other 31 private universities are established newly, so they have no urgency to transfer own campus immediately. There is about 3.5 lakh students attend these universities those are mostly in Dhaka city.

The private university law, government set the end of 2012 as deadline to move own campus, but later extended up to 2013. By almost two years to September 2024 Again the timeframe was extended. Maximum 20 universities can move within due time.

According to Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid said, “The private universities did not follow rules in the past. Now some have already shifted to the own campus while some are in the process of doing so under our pressure”.

The education ministry has failed to take any action over the last six years beside the private universities those failed to relocate. The authorities of the universities are trying to convince UGC and the education ministry to delay relocation for they purchased land. They say academic building is under construction and they are relocating soon.

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