Class 7 Assignment 20th Week

20th Week Assignment Class 7 published few days ago. Students of class 7 also need to complete their assignment tasks on English subject and Bangladesh and Global Studies subject. If you want to know a little more about the assignment tasks in these two subjects, you have to read the next part of this article.

  Class 7 Assignment 20th Week Answer

All educational institutions in Bangladesh have been closed since the end of March last year due to the Covid-19 epidemic. However, students are given assignments so that there is no year loss, and they are then moved to the next Class based on their performance. Students must complete their assignments on white sheets of paper with no assistance from others. However, textbook assistance is permitted.

Class 7 English assignment 20th Week

English assignment tasks for students of class 7 will be from the original English textbook. Students will need to complete assignment topics on specified chapter. Going through the textbook properly, you will be able to finish your assignment on your own. You can also click on the link given here to get your assignment details.

Assignment : Read the letter of unit-4, lesson-8, section-A (Pages 38 and 39). Now write a letter to your close friend mentioning
1. What you have learnt from this letter.
2. How morality shop can help your school and community
3. Its usefulness to develop your morality.

Instruction : Teachers will check students’ assignment following the assessment rubrics.

20th Week Assignment Class 7 English Answer

Class 7 Bangladesh and Global Studies assignment 20th Week

Bangladesh and Global Studies assignment topic for class 7 students is from chapter of your main book. As well as all other assignment tasks, students need to follow their original textbook. If you want to get all the detailed information regarding your assignment, you should follow the link we have provided here.

Students who want to get the solution copy of this assignment work in PDF format will notice this part well. Usually, we upload the answer to each assignment in JPG format or photo format. In this way, all the students can download this assignment in the form of pictures.

But at the request of some students, we upload the answer to the assignment in PDF format. Click here to download by clicking here. Click here to Download the answer to the assignment in PDF format.

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