20th Week Assignment Class 6

20th week assignment for the students of class 6 is as mandatory as the assignments for students of other classes. In the 20th Week Assignment Class 6 syllabus, students need to submit their assignments on 2 different subjects. These two subjects are English and Bangladesh and Global Studies. Below is a bit more details of these two subjects.

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20th Week Assignment Class 6 English

English is one of the most important assignment topics for students of class 6. The good thing is that you all need to complete your assignment tasks from your original English textbook. So if you go through the specific chapter properly, you will be able to complete your assignment on your own without any hassle. You can check our assignment guidelines by clicking on the link given here.


Assignments: Think of the title “Son of the soil” in Lesson 12.

Who is the ‘Son of the soil’ here?

Why is he named so?

How does the title match the personality refereed to the lesson?

Justify your answer in 150 words. You could add some pictures of the son and the soil mentioned in the lesson.

Instructions: This assignment for title goes justification, where student will justify the title of the lesson. n giving feedback, tell whether they could use argumentative language or not. Subject: English Assessment Rubrics


20th Week Assignment Class 6 Bangladesh and Global Studies

Everything in this assignment comes from the specific chapter of your original textbook. So you can easily complete this assignment following your textbook also. However, to get more help regarding your assignment, you can follow the link we have provided here.

Are you looking for your class six 20th week assignment solution of Bangladesh and Global Studies subject? If the answer is yes then well come for coming here. We also want to tell you that you really chose the right place to find and collect your answer. One thing is that if you don’t check this class’s 20th-week assignment syllabus or notice an update yet then you can check all of this from here.


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