Paternity Leave

15 Days Paternity Leave Fixed In Bangladesh. Now in Bangladesh, fathers (service holder) will be getting fixed 15 days paternity leave. That proposal was taken on last year. Deputy Commissioner of Tangail District Md. Mahbub Hosen was proposed that at DC (Deputy Commissioner) conference on 8th July (Tuesday) 2014 to 10th July (Thursday) 2014.

Paternity Leave In Bangladesh

He said that mothers (service holder) are obtaining continuous 6 months as maternity leave. Service holder fathers are not acquiring paternity leave. But they badly need this leave for take caring new born baby & mother. So 15 Days Paternity Leave should be fixed In Bangladesh. This 15 Days Paternity Leave Fixed in Bangladesh proposal was granted from Prime Minister Office.

In before 2010, service holder mothers were getting 4 months maternity leave. But from 2010 they were getting 6 months maternity leave. Our neighbors’ country India & Pakistan people are getting paternity leave. But in Bangladesh, this leave not allowed.

In previous time, Bangladesh used to live join family. In join family, members are more so they can take care of new born baby & mother very smoothly. But now maximum families are single. They don’t have any other family member. So to take care new born baby & mother, fathers are badly needed this leave.

Paternity Leave Policy In Bangladesh

Public Administration officers are informed us about this proposal. Now governments are examine this proposal & next time notification will be issued by government.